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Hex Bolt Flange Axle Removal ?


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I have used the search function and

read many posts but still don't see the answer.

I have a 96 ES300 it needs both outer CV boots replaced.

I have the 6 hex bolt style shafts.

I want to do this my self and believe in the Toyota rep for quality CV joints.

I just am going to replace the boots. (using Toyota kits)

I have read the Autozone replacement procedure

I don't understand the separation of the axle from the transaxle.

After I mark the flanges and take out the hex bolts.

Doesn't the shaft come off the flange?

The picture doesn't help and

the article says

"Remove the 6 hex head bolts from the driveshaft, then pry the assembly out.

On the left side you will have to remove the bearing lock bolt and snap ring prior to removal."

I would also like to know if popping the ball joint is the easiest way to get the lower susp.

loose vs removing the control arm.

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As I'm sure you realize by now 3 mo later the Toyota remanufactured axle does not come with the hex head bolts but rather only as a single piece that extends into the transmission. I was disappointed to discover this today when arrived home. I guess this means I'll have to enter the tranny, but I can't see where or how to put the snap ring on the end of the inboard shaft. I would appreciate a voice of experience.

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