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Help! Clear Fluid Leaking In Front Of Car!

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I have a clear fluid (almost like a clear oil) leaking from the front of the car. What could it be? It is towards the front of the car towards the front bumper. I also have a small whining noise coming from the front, driver's side of the engine. The car doesn't seem to drive any different. Please HELP! If you know what it is, how can I fix it? I have a 1996 GS. Thanks!

Please HELP! Thanks! I have a 1996 GS.

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If you are using "auto" mode or the defroster, the A/C will operate. Often the condensate has an oily appearance. If it has no smell, it is probably water. The drain is slightly right of the center of the car, directly beneath the center control console.

The only only other clear-like fluid I can think of would be brake fluid. Check the level. If it goes too low, the brake light would illuminate as well.

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If you were leaking compressor oil, likely your A/C would not be working if you did try to use it. To be leaking oil, you would also be leaking refrigerant.

I would suggest approximating the location of the leak under the car and putting it up on a lift. A visual inspection should reveal the source.

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