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Ls Rotors...

Alex JB

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Does anyone know if the LS400 S1 brake disks are the same Toyota part number as another Toyota / Lexus model? Maybe the Camry?

It's that time and I just bought pads for 11GBP inc postage (Camry 2.2 GLS) from fle-bay, as opposed to 30GBP for LS ones, the part number is the same, its also the same as the late model Celica (ST202).

Wondered if I could apply the same principle to discs (rotors), people expect you to pay extra if they advertise Lexus parts, they expect you to demand value for money if you buy Toyota... :whistles:

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Okay, I gave it a try on both a Lexus dealer website and a Toyota website. I used my LS, a 93 model, as an example.

The replacement front rotors for my LS is part #43512-50100. Each of these is a bit over $100.00 at www.lexus-parts.com.

I then checked for this part number at www.toyotaworld.com. This is a Toyota dealership that sells both Lexus and Toyota parts. When I enter this number indicating that it is a Lexus part, the part comes up with a price slightly over $100.00. When I enter the number and indicate it is a Toyota part, the answer is "No part found."

My guess would be that the Lexus rotors are not used on Toyota models.

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i know you can get toyota supra 4 pistion calipers and slotted rotors and those fit on ls400s i was looking into that for my celsior (ls400) and if you were to get ss brake lines as well it would be a reasonable upgrade from the stock ls400 brakes. not sure if that answers your question though.

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