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Recent Purchase: 91 Ls400


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Allow me to introduce Patty and Selma (yes, I know what you're thinking, and yes, that is where I got the names)...

Patty is a '96 LS400 finished in Diamond White Pearl on ivory leather. My parents bought her new in April of 1996, and she currently has 128,000 miles on the clock.

Selma is a '91 LS400 finished in Black Jade Pearl on ivory leather. Got her for $5800 last weekend from friends of my parents for over 30 years. They were the original owners, and she has 112,000 miles.

Her faults are few:

- The most serious is the noisy valve lifter on the driver's side, but I will be taking care of that either next weekend or the weekend after. As is to be expected of any well-maintained 1UZ, she doesn't burn or leak any fluids in significant (or noticeable) quantities.

- The driver's door courtesy switch works only intermittently, which makes the auto-off lights, remote central locking, and dome light act a bit weird at times. I'll be getting to that ASAP.

- The passenger seatbelt is half chewed through from the one time they took their dog in the car, and she proceeded to chew the seatbelt where her harness was attached. I'll be tending to that soon as well.

- The memory system does not work. I'll look into this more later, but it's not a priority, as it's not an important feature for me to have. The rest of the electrical accessories work.

On a side note, it hasn't displayed some of the common Series I problems like the gauge problems or climate control display blackout, but I'm still knocking on wood... I clayed, polished, and waxed her yesterday, and took the pictures with her sister, so on with the pictures...









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Very nice looking cars you have there!! B) Hang on to them because the new ones aren't built (overbuilt??) like the old ones! If you haven't found it already, there is (or was) a tutorial on how to clean those courtesy switches by "obergc" in the LS forum. ;)


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