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1992 Ls400 Rear View Mirror


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I am experiencing what I think is pretty common for this model. When I dim the mirror the "magic blackness" spreads evenly across, but DOESn't all go away. It then takes many hours for the mirror to go back to normal.

I'm trying to buy a new mirror for a "reasonable" price, but I've only found a 91 mirror for "that" price. Does anyone know if they are the same?

Is it easy to change the mirror out? Any suggestions? Should I just put up with the problem?

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I have the same problem with my '92 and would like a new one as well. Anybody with a cross reference guide out there. Fortunately where I live it is starting to get cold and the mirror operates normally when the interior of the car is cool, and, same goes for my telescoping steering wheel.

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