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Should I Get A 04' Or 05' Ls


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I am currently looking to buy a 04' or 05' LS 430. I am a bit hesitate on the 04' for a couple reasons.

1) 04' compare to 05' according to consumer report there are areas on the 04' is not as reliable.

2) Recall History:

2004: Impeller inside fuel pump may have been improperly molded; alcohol in some fuels could deform the impeller and cause it to contact pump housing, and in worst case, could result in fuel pump failure.

2004: In some cars, if accelerator is operated quickly, small metal piece in automatic transmission may separate and cause parking-lock system to be inoperative when shift lever is in "Park" position.

2004-06 LS: Some air bag inflators were produced with an insufficient amount of the heating agents. In this condition, the expansion force of the gas may be insufficient to properly inflate the air bag, increasing the risk of injury in a crash. Dealers will replace the specific SRS air bag.

So, I guess my question is have you experience any issue? Should I worry about the recalls? How are these recall handle? What should I expect?

Thanks in advance!

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They are both great years.. Both reliable cars.. Some people will have horror stories with a brand new Rolls Royce others can drive a rusted out 85 toyota corolla for 1Million miles.. Its just a gamble... But You should be ok.. Make sure you get a "GOOD WARRANTY"... Some people debate that warranties are a waste of money... But warranties is just another form of insurance.. You hate to pay for it.. But someday you will need it..

Even great cars need repairs .. ITs a fact of life.. they are mechanical and they are expensive..


Think about this...

1. Lexus repair could offset the price of the warranty costs... 2 Lexus repairs will mean that you paid off your warranty costs and received a FREE REPAIR....

Make sure you get a carfax...

ALSO.. VERY IMPORTANT>>>> Make sure you have the car fully inspected at another reputable Lexus dealer different from the one you are buying it from

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As long as you get a certified pre-owned from the dealership, you should be ok. They usually warranty them for 3 years/100,000 miles. I agree with Darrell J. You take a chance with any vehicle......but it's usually in your favor that you won't have any problems if you buy a Lexus that has been well kept and maintenanced.

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