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Rx 330 Cold Transmission

Ed Hayden

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I don't know if this is a normal operating condition but here goes. When my '06 RX 330 is first started in the morning the transmission shifts are not as smooth as when the car is driven for a few miles and fully warmed up. It seems like there is a "hesitation" between some of the auto shifts. I haven't noticed this characteristic in other cars that I have owned although this is my first Lexus (purchased new last December). I asked the dealer to look at it and left it overnight to be sure it was cold when it was started. He said that they couldn't find anything wrong and that there were no "error codes" on the diagnostic test.

It's more annoying than anything else but I just wanted to mention it here to see if this is a common issue.


Ed Hayden

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This is completely normal. The other thing you will notice is that it doesn't shift into overdrive or final gear until higher speeds are reached until the engine and transmission fluid have warmed up. Obviously , you want to check your trans fluid when the car is warmed up just to ensure that it is full, just to be sure.


'05 330

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