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Going At High Speed


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Hi everyone I`ll try to be specific. On my Is 300 Five speed I have noticed when I go at high speed over 85+, specially wheb I go down hill. My car feels like it stumbles, It doesn`t do this all the time only ones or when I keep the car at a steady speed and when the gas peddal is off. I don`t have the cruise control set nor my car does not have brake assist equiped either, This car only has equiped Traction control and ABS. But it feels like when the cruise control is set but only takes a second to do it and the weird part is the car doesn`t slow down. In other words I don`t think the car stalls either because it only happens on high speed that is what I experience, it`s like some sensor or somewhat that does that. Can someone tell me if that happend to anyone. Or is this normal?. Thanks.

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