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1996 Es 300


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I am asking for some help/advice. I had my timing belt and water pump and all belts changed by my regular mechanic but he did it on the side. The car ran okay for about 3 days. Afterwards the car started to have problems starting (cranking for a while before starting). My service engine soon light came on and I checked it at Autozone. It told me that the Cam position Sensor was bad. I went to Autozone and bought another one and put it in. It still would not start. I had the mechanic come back and check the work as I thought it must not be in correct time and he checked it and stated it was correct. He said that sometimes Autozone sells bad sensors and to go buy another one. I am ordering a OEM one but have not received it yet. Has anyone ever had this problem occur? I looked through all the posts but saw nothing about Cam position sensors.

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