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Won't Start, Bad Starter?


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I have 94 LS400 with around 141000, and this morning went to start it and I get one click then nothing. I think the battery is fine because lights come on and radio works. Tried to put a charger on it to get it started and still the one click and then nothing. Has never been hard to start in the past. Never have had to crank it up to get it started. I am guessing it is my starter? Any suggestions on what to check otherwise? I live in Denver area, any suggestions on a good place to bring it?

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If your battery is more than 3 years old it may be weak and will need replacement at any moment. Have your battery checked. Most stores do it for free, but be ready for a new battery or even a generator. This is so because if your battery is weak as soon as the winter hits you will be stock somewhere with a dead battery


That worked. Thanks for the help. Started up, was rough running for about 4-5 seconds then ran normal.

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