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Parting Out Or Whole... 1994 Sc300, In Phoenix, Az.


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some of the good parts..:


center console

cluster (145k)

air bags

steering column


all the glass

left/right doors

all the suspension

rear end



tail lights

all engine parts


left headlight

both inner headlights

front bumper is usable

hood has a small ding, very usable

left fender

right fender i didn't look at, but i think it's ok

windshield wiper system


cd changer


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ok, some prices.... this is if you're in phoenix of course..

left fender (pretty nice) - 100$

right fender (little damage) - 60$

hood (1 small fixable dent) - 100$

front bumper (somewhat rough..) - 30$

2JZ motor (blown headgasket), you pull! 250$

auto tranny - 200$

driveshaft - 80$

rear end (complete...with all suspension) - 200$

trunk/spoiler (decent) - 60$

left door (pretty nice, w/glass,window motor) - 150$

right door (decent, decent sized scrape, w/glass, motor) - 110$

sunroof complete - 100$

air bags (both) - 150$

cluster ( needles all bad) - 60$

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