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Noob Question After Doing Some Searching...

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Currently own a RX300 and Audi S4. Looking to move to a RX400h. Here are some questions I had after doing some searching...

- Do you have to buy the $6000 luxury value package with the 400h?

- What is the current Federal Tax credit and how do you get it? Time of sale, check in mail?

- How do you find the invoice price of these cars?

- What is this Sams/Cosco discount I read about?

Any other information is appreciated. Thanks.

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You don't HAVE to buy the RX 400h any certain way !Removed!, but they are sent out to dealers with certain options on them generally. You can find how they're showing up at your dealer by building one on www.lexus.com

I imagine you get the tax credit as you apply it to your filing yourself or through your accountant ... call your accountant and they will help you do so.

Invoice pricing can be found on www.kbb.com -- build the car the way you want it and it'll show the invoice price.

Basically if you want anything different on your RX 400h than is normally sent out, you will need to special order one. I am looking at doing so myself b/c I do not want wood trim and almost all of them are sent out that way for the 2007 model.

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