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Does anyone know what i can replace the Nakamichi Subwoofer with that will sound good!!! I don't want to put an external amplifier and subwoofer just something that will replace the stock sub. Thanks

As you probably know, your Nakamichi sub is a free floater without a box and NO BODY makes that style anymore.

In addition to replacing the entire system with Alpine, I'm adding a 12" sub and sub-amp where the Nakamichi changer and amp are now; this way I'm not killing trunk space and it keeps it clean. With the old sub removed, you can either let the sound move through the car as it pleases or you can pipe the new one to/towards the old whole.

If you want to stick with the current set up, then your best bet is to go with another stock sub. Are you sure yours is out? These subs are not thumpers like aftermarket ones, they are there merely for mid-range. What that means is they add some nice bass, but they will not bring it like the big boys.

Mine still works, so if you want it after I replace my entire system I'd gladly sell it to you.

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