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There are some very interesting car enthusiast forums on the net. It's interesting to see what's being posted on other forums...Should bring a smile to your face. :lol: B)

Bentley Forums - - - I used the ash tray today. How do I replace it?

Camaro/Firebird Forums - - - My girl slept with my brother and my wife.

How can I kill 'em? (btw, I have a record and I ain't going back.)

Mustang Forums - - - Some punk kid in a Civic tried to race me.

Civic Forums - - - Some punk kid in a Mustang tried to race me.

Yugo Forum (Yugos only rate one Forum) - - - When's the last time yours ran?

Lamborghini Forums - - - Annoying wind noise around 210MPH...

Miata Forums - - - Some jackass in a Yukon just ran over my car. (pics)

GMC Yukon Forums - - - Miata stuck in my undercarriage. How do I safely remove it? (pics)

BMW 7-series Forums - - - Where do I go to get my Rolex serviced?

Cadillac Forums - - - Problems parallel parking at bingo.

Ford Excursion Forums - - - Is the price of gas going down anytime soon? I'm thinking about buying an oilwell.

Buick Forums - - - Which is better? Medicare or Medicaid?

Crown Victoria Forums - - - How come people never drive faster than 55 on the highway?

Honda Accord Forums - - - Mom is giving me the car. Looking for some cheap, used 18 inch wheels.

Toyota Hybrid Forums - - - Do our cars use Double A's or Triple A's?

Ferrari Forums - - - Need suggestions about a business trip to Colombia. Want to get in and out fast.

Saturn Forums - - - Cigarette landed on my fender. Fender melted and need to replace.

Mini Forums - - - Just flipped the Cooper after watching The Italian Job. Suing the movie company. (pics)

Dodge Viper Forums - - - I floored-it on the way home from work yesterday. How to get pee stains out of the leather?

McLaren F1 Forums - - - Some punk in a jet tried to race me.

Dodge Minivan Forums - - - Where's the best place to post the soccer schedule so I don't forget where I'm supposed to be?

Hummer Forums - - - Had a fender bender today. 24 hurt, 10 killed. Do I have to get the touch-up paint from the Dealer? He's 25 miles away. That's $35 in gas.

Fiat Forum - - - Hello? Hello? Am I the only one here? (Might be combined with Yugo Forum in the future).

Fiero forum : check out my new fire suit (pics)

Subaru WRX Forums - - - Got ticketed for drifting in the Walmart parking lot.

SRT Forums - - - "Will this void my warranty"

GNX Forums - - - Transmission Groupbuy full! Stop PM'ing me!!!

NSX Forums - - - Head to big to fit in car, should have bought a Targa.

Z06 Forums - - - Why did I pay $50k for something with a Cavalier steering wheel?

Mopar Forums - - - Help! I've replaced everything and it still won't start!

Dodge RAM Forums - - Need grill mod suggestions cause my truck looks like a bass.

Oldmobile Forums - - Anyone out there? Anyone? Anyone?

Winnabego Forums - - Looking for Branson Rally schedule.

Hummer Forums - - Viagra groupbuy!

Cadillac Escalade Forums - - Some more bling needed, so I goldplated the tires.

Dodge Caliber Forums - - Can't help it, gotta admit it's cute.

Jeep Forums - - Rocks I've driven over (pics)

Pontiac TransAm Forums - - Want fries with that?

DeLorean Forums - - Why won't my car fly? LAWSUIT!

Porsche 911 Forums - - APB for my missing engine. Reward.

Mercedes Forums - - Anyone seen Dr. Z? We miss him!

Ricer Forums - - Help! I've got 3.5 square inches left without stickers!

Scion XB Forums - - How can I stop UPS from picking up my car?

Garbagetruck Forums - - Morning Noise Contest winners announced!

Chevy Avalanche Forums - - Where's the best place to find more glue-on bodycladding?

Corvette Forums - - ASL ladies? Single and ready to mingle here...

Mazda Forums - - Can't hear my stereo cause of the Zoom zoom zoom....

BMW Forums - - Need someone to take over Ultimate Monthly Payments on my Ultimate Driving Machine.


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