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Window Motor/regulator Question


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1993 ES 300. Rear driver door motor works fine, but the cables that control the movement up and down are kinked and twisted in the housing. My question. Is that housing located in the regulator or motor? I know this sounds like a stupid question, but I want to make sure I get the right part.

Thanks for your help.

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anthony if you havent alredy had the cord break you might be able to open up reel and put it back on right

(requires patience but saves 70-80 bucks) thats if you buy it used...or dealer i think is 125 ish....

see, my problem is i'm in business to fix customers' cars the first time, nobody is going to pay me to experiment :whistles: while this might be possible, i've never tried it, it would cost someone more, in labor, then to replace it. also when it does finally break, and it will, they will be back here complaining that they just paid me to "fix" it.

i guess my paradigm is just different. B)

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anthony sorry i think i read through post too quick i thought it was your own car....I just suggested that as a method to save money...Once you have taken off the door this can be done without actually have to replace regulator which IMO was a pia

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