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Cup Holder Woes


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I have the same problem. Cannot believe only two of us have this issue. I have this SUV for three weeks now. Previous owner seems to be able to close it within a couple of tries by doing it slowly. Both me and my wife have difficulty in closing the cup holder. Maybe we are new to this vehicle.


2001 LX470 58K

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make sure its not just gunked up..sometimes they get stuck down or up because they are dirty as heck. The same thing happens to my 98 LX470 and I take a baby wipe and clean all the way in the back and Wallah! it worked.

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I don't know what you guys are talking about. I have no problems with my cupholder...My dad had a 1993 LS400 with no problems...my brother had a 2002 LS430 and definitely no problems. You want to buy a car with cupholder woes, then get a Mercedez. My dad got rid of his LS400 for a 1999 S420, and what a piece of crap. He is still crying, "I never should have gotten rid of my Lexus"...too late now. His cupholder won't close, he had it fixed for $150.00 and a week later it still won't close. His glovebox won't open, the heater really doesn't blow warm when it's cold outside evev after a half-huor ride, and the instrument panel is blacked out from all the light bulbs that are burning out. His LS400 was a 1993 and the instrument panel worked like new. Crying about cupholders, shame on you all :)

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