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Just Got My Torque Masters!

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I just have a couple of quick questions:

1) What is the correct ft/lbs specs I should tighten these spark plugs to? I have read 20 - 24 ft/lbs for the gs400 somewhere... is this true?

2) How can I tell if they are the ones for my car... there is NO model number on them??!!

3) How do I know if I have the "standard" TM spark plugs or if I have the "star series." I'm confused, I thought there is only 1 kind of Torque Master spark plug for the GS400. I order these plugs from Gordon @ Carson Toyota/Lexus. Please help! I want to install these ASAP!


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Really looking for some help here. During my search a CL member named Meangene suggests 15 - 18 ft/lbs of torque for the stock spark plugs and 20 - 25 ft/lbs for the Torque masters. I just would like someone to verify this info... and why would different types of plugs be tightened at different ft/lbs?

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Hey, the difference between 18 and 20 foot pounds is negligible. Torque to 19 if it makes you happy. Find a torque wrench that accurate and you'll be set.

If there is no part number on the plugs themselves, well that would worry me far more than the torque spec.

I have no idea what torque master spark plugs are, and why they would be so good, even the "star series". I can't believe "torque masters" would be better than Denso or NGK. In fact I am sure that Denso and NGK are superior, considering either one represents the best yet in that technology.

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L-tuned carries these plugs and so does Steve Ganz @ Carson Toyota/Lexus (dealer). If these plugs were not made of good quality and/or made specifically for our vehicles they would NOT be sold/offered from these merchants. I have heard very good reviews on these plugs. I have only read of two stories on the net where the spark plug was broken off inside the engine. HOWEVER, the owners in BOTH cases were running NOS and FI and their vehicles were running extremely lean. Before Torque Master found this out they suggested that the cars must have been running real lean in order for this to happen to their plugs... and they were right! There are at lease a dozen (maybe even 2 dozen) people with our cars on the CL forums with these plugs and have shown DYNO gains of approx. 6.5 WHP and 10 ft/lbs of torque!

I am going to contact Carson Toyota (where I purchased these plugs from) and find out how I can tell if these plugs are the correct ones for my car (no model #) BEFORE I install them.

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Just installed them last night. I disconnected my battery so I'm not sure of the full effects yet (because I didn't drive the car aggressively yet to help the ECU adjust to my driving habits). I just took it for a normal drive and it feels very responsive and exceptionally smooth while driving and at idle. I'll keep you guys updated on the performance aspect of things. I'm going to reset my ECU again later on in the week and start the ECU re-learn process with agressive driving; then I can do a proper comparison between the stock old DENSO Iridiums and these Torque Masters.

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