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Make Your Headlight Covers New, Ac Display Purchase


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I am new to this sight with new, old 1992 SC400. :D I am not rich so I save money and repair myself as much as possible.

The body is like new but my highbeam and headlight covers were discolored and pitted. Here is what I did to make them look new again!

- tape around the headlight covers to protect the paint.

- using an ORBITAL sander, sand down the covers with 600 grit emery cloth sand paper. They will look really bad after you do this. :o

- using a damp CLEAN rag use some metal polish (I use Silvo or Brasso available at grociery stores) and put the rag under the orbital sander and polish the covers. If you have a small handheld orbital polisher this would work great also. The cans of polish are small so you might want to get a few to do all covers. I never tried a buffing compound because I know the results I get with the polish I use. I already knew it worked.

-polish until it looks like new.

This is time consuming (takes a while to polish) but it is worth it. You might have to repeat the steps again if your not happy with the results the first time. Of course it will not remove deep nicks etc.

I have finished the drivers side highbeam and headlight covers already and they look fantastic. The headlight cover was slightly brownish and I got rid of that too. My drivers side turning light also had a large 1 inch scratch throught it (someone hit a curb I guess) and I started with a 320 grit, then 600 grit then polish and it looks like new also.

This method will also polish up any plastic cover to remove small scratches as long as the plastic is not too soft. You can also polish light scratches in your paint quite easily with the sander and polish only.

My ac display is toast. I came across this site that sells just the display unit for approx $170.00. If your handy this is pretty cheap. I already had mine out and its not that big a deal. I'm gonna get one and see what happens. http://www.lextreme.com/lcdtech.html

sorry if this was already posted.

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