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Windshield Wiper Problem


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It seems that my 2004 LS430 (Standard) has developed a small problem.

The windshield wipers work on the regular settings, but not on the Intermittant setting. I have turned the knob to every setting on the intermittant setting and nothing happens. Is there an on/off button that I have missed????

I have searched the owners manual and cannot find a thing.

Is the intermettant setting on a different fuse????

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I can't find a separate fuse for the intermittent feature in the 2-volume manuals for my 2000 LS400 but that doesn't mean your LS430 would be the same.

There are some diagnosis steps, including continuity testing, described in the 2000 LS repair manuals but they are a little lengthy to transcribe here and the connectors could be quite different in your car.

One of the first steps in the procedure is to "Disconnect the switch and wiper relay connector". My repair manuals don't even show the relay's location in my car although they show the location of lots of other relays -- maybe it is connected directly to the switch.

Assuming that your 2004 LS is under warranty, this sounds like one for the dealer.

But, my bet is on a bad wiper relay. Let us know when you find the real cause!

I remember back 30+ years ago when intermittent wipers were just beginning to be an option on inexpensive cars. When I bought a VW Rabbit in 1975, the salesman told me that intermittent wipers were not an option. I went to the parts counter, bought an intermittent wiper relay for a VW Scirocco, plugged it in under the dash and, voila, I had intermittent wipers.

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Your LS430 doesn't have intermittant wipers, it has automatic rain sesning wipers. When the stalk is in "AUTO" mode, what you're thinking are intermittant speeds are really sensitivity settings for the sensor.

When the car has auto wipers, the intermittant speed is chosen by the computer, there is no driver selectable speed.

Just leave the wipers in "AUTO" with the sensitivity on maximum all the time, and you'll never have to activate, de-activate, or modulate wiper speed again.

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Thanks to both 1990LS400 & SWO3ES for their responses. I am looking forward to the next rain (we do not get many here in the DFW area) to see how they work. But your response does make clearer the way the wipers work according to my owner's manual.

Thanka again.


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Your first reaction won't be positive, they'll seem slow and you'll always be wanting to increase the speed. You will get used to it though and come to appreciate them, driving cars with normal wipers in the rain will really be a chore.

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My car does, in fact, have an intermittent feature.

There is a rain sensor attached to the upper windshield just under the mirror.

It had become partially detached from the window and my wipers were effected. I have re-attached it and all is working OK now.

Thank you for your help.

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