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Etc Snow To Save Gas?

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I did a search on the forum and couldn't find the answer. All I have gathered is that snow mode would result in my gs to accelerate from the 2nd gear and also !Removed! the acceleration in general. I wonder if there's benefit to drive under snow mode during heavy travel hours. I know it drives sorta like Camry under snow mode, but would it save gas like Camry? :)

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My 2000 LS400 in "snow mode" does not drive anything like my wife's V6 Camry with TRAC/ABS. Snow mode is a "necessary evil" when driving in heavy snow or on very slick roads. I can't see how snow mode could improve gas mileage since higher engine revs are required to move the car away from a stop in 2nd gear and since the car stays in a lower and less fuel efficient gear with higher engine revs more of the time.

Don't get me wrong. I love snow mode coupled with VSC. The earlier Lexus cars with or without TRAC were an absolute bear to drive on slick roads compared to the later ones with snow mode/VSC.

If you have not yet driven your car on really slick roads, I suggest you take it to a large empty parking lot on a snowy/slick day. Drive your car car like a complete idiot and experience the wonders of VSC. We will never buy another car without it.

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