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Airbag Light On


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The problem started couple months ago, the airbag light started blinking. I went to the mechanic to scan my car and the scaner throw out the error code 12. Maybe somebody could explain more what is wrong with airbags.

Thank you.

The car is 99 Lexus ES300

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It could be a sensor or circuit-related problem. Unfortunately for proper diagnosis on such a sophisticated and technical item as airbags, you should bring the car to the dealership to get it looked at.

I had the airbag go out on my 95 Camry. I had a diagnostic done by the dealer. They came back with ECU and Spiral cable. I replaced both myself from used parts ($125) - mayube not the best idea..., but it worked. Dealer cost was about a grand. I could get New parts for about 400 or 500.

Get your code(s) read and see if you wanna do the repairs.

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