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Looking A Lexus Mechanic Recommendation In The Phoenix Area


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My folks are driving a 2003 Lexus ES300 with about 65,000 miles on it.

It has what I believe is called the "ultra premium" package with the Mark Levinson sound, power rear sunblind and 4 position adjustable shock damping on the interior console.

They are getting a rattling, clunking noise from the right front corner of the car ONLY when driving over bigger bumps or breaks in the pavement.

When the car was up in Canada this summer I had it in at my local Lexus dealer and they came back with:

We can hear the noise when driving over bigger pavement breaks, but, we cannot reproduce the noise when it's sitting up on the hoist. So, we will simply start replacing suspension parts in the right front corner until we eventually come across the correct part that is making the noise. All good parts that we replaced for no reason will not be refunded and this repair could cost you anything from $150 to $6000 as the car's mileage is over the factory warranty. How lucky do you feel?

Needless to say, I didn't let them touch the car. I did replace a right front sway bar link at another shop because it wasn't expensive and I thought it was one thing I needed to eliminate as a possible cause of the noise. Unfortunately, it made no difference to the noise. The front struts appear to be working completely normally and the adjustable shock damping is definitely working properly so I don't think the problem is the right front strut (which is quite expensive to replace). The car drives completely normally other than the noise.

I'm guessing it is some part that has either loosened up and needs to be retightened or perhaps a weld on a part attached to the strut that may have broken?

In any event, my folks live in the NW corner of Phoenix (Sun City West). Just wondering if anyone here can suggest a good, non-dealership, Lexus mechanic that would be willing to properly investigate and repair the offending part as opposed to replacing the entire front end.

Thanks for your help... :)

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