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Sc400 Climate Control


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Lets see if there are any Sherlock's out there to solve my 92SC400 mechanical crimescene...

Problem: No heat incoming when car is at low rpm.


1. New T-stat (factory temp 82C)

2. At cruising speeds (or rpm above 1500) - perfect temp control.

3. Engine coolant indicator on instr. panel is normal (ie. mid-way between Hot and cold..)

4. Rad shows some signs of deterioration (but this should not be factor)

5. Coolant level in reservoir is just under half full (on most cars this is normal ...)

6. When I slow down to idle, temp of air blowing in goes from warm to cold slowly (ie. 10 - 20 seconds) almost as though the coolant through heater core is stopped and warm air thus becomes cold...

that's all, let me know if there are other pieces needed to solve this puzzle


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Whoops, reservoir was half full - and I think this tank is more than just a typical reservoir. There is a level indication on the side of the reservoir and it shows the coolant to be right near the top. Well I added another liter or so and this condition at low rpm has stopped.

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