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Overdrive Normal?


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I have a 2001 RX300 AWD. When I start it, the Overdrive is automatically defaulted to "on". I have to manually disengage it to turn it off by pressing the button.

Is it normal to have the car to always be in driving with the Overdrive "on" or should I only use it while cruising at highway speeds?

Any comments on the appropriate or best way to use the "overdrive" would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your replies and suggestions.

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Yes, it automatically resets everytime you turn on the engine, this is normal

when i still had the rx300, i hated having to push that button everytime. the dealer when i bought it told me that i had to have it OFF during intown driving and on at highway speeds like you said. something about fuel efficiency? its basically optional. i started to just leave it alone after 3 years of owning it.

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On my '91 Toyota van it's been ON for 15 years and not caused any problems. I thought the recommended procedure is to leave overdrive engaged all the time UNLESS it starts hunting on steep grades. You get better mileage with it on.

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Yeah, other than turning it off for towing purposes (something I wouldn't do with an RX300 anyway), I see no real reason to turn it off. I guess it could be possible that the shift points would change to higher in the rpm band when the OD is off, giving the vehicle slightly more acceleration. But I don't know one way or the other on that. But really, start the truck and drive. No reason to turn it off.;)

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