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Idles At 1300rpm Or So..


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I have a '92 ES and I cleaned my Throttle Body, Mass Air-Flow sensor and cleaned out my EGR yesterday. I also replaced all of the vaccum lines with factory sized&bent lines. (Reset ECU afterwards)

The car now idles (warm or cold) at about 1300rpm's. Is this normal? Did I mess something up? What should I do about this prob? Thanks for the help.

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Why would the throttle plate be stuck too far open? I am 99% sure it shut more after I cleaned it rather than more open. Could I have sprayed buildup into the IACV?

Although I did just blow a vacuum line somewhere just a minute ago. I was taking someone for a ride :whistles: I blew a line and stalled the car out so I will have to search that problem out tommarow. It will run at about 250-400 rpms idle now and sounds like some big block you would see up at the strip.

What vaccum's are most suceptable to breakage/disconnection when being given h*ll ?

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