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Lexus Meet@team Lexus(bmore) Oct 28th 11am


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FROM CLUB LEXUS (NELOC): http://www.clublexus.com/forums/showthread.php?t=241998

Ok ladies gents others it's official I've been in Contact with the Marketing Manager at Team Lexus (Leroy) about putting this together. Date will be Saturday October 28th at 11am. I need a definite number of attendees no later than the 22nd so that Team Lexus can make the necessary arrangements. Only put your name on the list if you're 100% you are coming. Also what car you will be bringing. I'm asking everyone to bring your own food/drinks no alcohol. We will be able take a tour of the facility and check out their IS350,then later in the afternoon we can go on a drive/caravan to the Harbor for dinner or something along those lines. I will also be inviting some Supras and AE86's, MR2's etc...

Here is the link for Team Lexus website: www.teamlexus.com

Address for Team Lexus: 2030 Lord Baltimore Dr

Baltimore, MD 21244-2501

I only want to keep one list of attendees at the top that I will update as needed. So again just your name and car.


1. cherplex (SC300)

2. CaThaFeR(IS250)

3. Smitty0881 (ES300)

4. rsx2is350( IS350)

5. Jurrasic (IS300)

6. Phil (IS300)

7. hb55047 (SC400)

8. tuddy(GS300)


10. nate579(GS430)

11. whitetezza(IS300)

12. JQUEST2(GS430)

13. Apex84(IS300)

14. Drocay (SC400)

15. LEXGS02(GS300)

16. marlon(MKIII)

17. 02lexIS300 (IS300)

18. aznevoviii (IS350)

19. Mcrusader(IS300)

20. redline814 (IS300)

21. turnip (IS300)

22. Kg cm2(IS300)

23. GSoup (GS300)

24. p1nk50ck(IS300)

25. PJ (SC300)

26. Walt (1UZ AE86)

27. Mr13rightside(IS300)

28. NTOMotorsport(MKIII)

29. NTOMotorsport(AE86)

30. Sunny068(LS400)

31. ElusiveIS (IS300)

32. willyis300 (IS300)

33. Adam2562(GS400)

34. Garo(Q45)

35. NovaIS350(IS350)

36. cloudnine(SC300)

37. Neil 64(GS430)

38. Kevin (GS430)

39. GREED777(GS400)

40. Joe C(GS300)

41. 4U2NV (IS300)

42. bigmalik00(SC400)

43. KevinGS(GS430)

44. US R33(S13 w/RB25)

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