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Error Code 71 - Egr System


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When I first received this code I cleaned and tested my EGR Valve. The movement was correct except the diaphram leaked down slowly under vacuum. Then I started getting too rich and too lean conditions (Error 25 and Error 26) instead of EGR System Error 71. Not wanting to take a chance, I replaced the EGR valve (along with a bunch of other components - see my post under Rough Idle for a full confession.).

That seemed to do the trick for a couple of hours. Then the Error code 71 reappeared, disappeaered, and reappeared again. The only thing left I can think of is the EGR Temperature Sensor (a special order part at $164 plus tax and shipping).

Is there anything else I should be testing?

What are the specs for the EGR temperature sensor? Seems it should be about 2 k ohms at room temp (68 degrees F, 20 degrees C) and drop to about 0.2 k ohms at 212 degree F (100 degrees C). But does anyone have the actual spec?



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