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07 Traction Control, Off?

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Has anyone tried to turn off the traction control on their 07 350?, the '07 sales brocure says you can turn it OFF, just wondering if anyone has been able to smoke their tires up, or otherwise get themselves in trouble. I'm thinking that if you can really turn it off with the button the last 20% or so of my rear tire tread will be stuck to the pavement on my route back and forth to work...

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Acutally wondering if the button acutally works and turns traction controll off, or if it works as good as it does on the 2006, which as near as I can gather is basically not at all.

Are you asking how to turn it off?

There's a workaround for the 06 models that turns trac and other stuff off. On the 07 models you press and hold the trac off button for a few seconds and it will stay off until you push it again or restart the car. Either way, you can do donuts, drift, and burn tires to your heart's content. I've done it in the 06 and have been told by 07 owners that it works just fine.

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