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May Sell 98 Ls400; Need Opinions


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I didn't think I'd consider selling this little beauty, but I bought another car and one has to go.....trying to determine correct pricing. I am seeing dealers with cars this nice ask in excess of $17k.

The car has 76000 miles, is cinnamon brown with gold package, extremely clean. I purchased the car from a friend with 44,000 miles; he purchased it as a certified vehicle at 38000 miles. Its always been garaged and keep clean; Good service history; synthetic oil used since his purchase, I have also changed trans oil twice. NO issues whatsoever.

HID headlites, memory seats, std radio, new brakes and Yokohama tires within 5000 miles. The car is virtually perfect, and I don't want to give it away, but looking to get a fair amount for it. If I can't get squat for it, I'll keep it and I'm sure it'll run for lots of years to come.

I would appreciate any opinions!! I am located midway between Atlanta and Birmingham.

Thanks in advance!!

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Check your vehicles book value (Kelly's Blue Book) at: www.kbb.com

Check your local newspaper with similar listings, some newspapers use cars.com as their online host.

You can find in your local area listings at www.cars.com and www.autotrader.com

The dealers’ vehicles (retail party) are priced a little higher than private party (you). Your area dealers (especially large ones) are not going to give you an accurate price range versus listing in newspaper.

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I'd keep it if I were you. You're not going to be able to get what it's worth. At least I don't think so... :)
I agree. Too, it will probably be a little tougher to get rid a car that is not a common color like black/white/silver/tan. A '98 with '76k would probably go for $14k +/- around here.

I wouldn't pay $17k for any UCF20, for that price you are not too far from a 430.

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I hear you...thanks for your comments. I never thought I'd drive a brown car either, but this car with the metalflake in it is striking.....and I usually buy only silver/champagne/red cars......

I am leaning toward just keeping it.......certainly can't replace it for what I can sell it for.

Have an interested buyer at $16k though kicking the tires right now.


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Dude. I love that brown color. It is definatley making a come back in luxury cars. I have seen BMW's infiniti's and others with a brown color. If you can get 16 for it then maybe you should sell it. It's all based on your love for the car. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

PS I think even the new(ish) S-class has a special "mocha" color. Your color is very unique.

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