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Telescoping Ower Antenna


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I have a 2004 SC430 and I must have hit an acorn on the road going 70 mph. The radio antenna got bent to a 60 degree angle, when I bent it back, the lower most section was deformed by the bend. I was able to reshape the metal as much as possible with a plier but the antenna would only retract to the first section and remained sticking out about 6 inches. Stupidly I knocked the last section into the well. Now the antenna goes all the way back in but I am afraid the lower section remains trapped inside. The radio reception is fine with the antenna not all the way out and it appears to rise and fall without making any excessive sounds.

Will this damage the telescoping motor mechanism? Is the fact that the antenna is partially stuck allow any battery drain to the antenna motor? It seems to stop when it is fully out and fully retracted.

What would it cost to have a repair?

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You can fix that pretty easily by replacing the antenna mast. It seperates from the antenna assy. and its pretty simple to re-install a new antenna mast. Lexus sells the part (just the antenna rod aka "antenna mast") or you can get an aftermarket antenna mast if available for your car. There should be instructions on here on how to remove and re-install. It won't drain your battery, but it may be harder on the plastic gears and your antenna motor if not replaced with a new mast.

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