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Knock Sensor


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My 99 RX 300 would not shift into the overdrive gear when I went above 40 mph. The check engine light came on, I got the code checked at Auto Zone and they said it was my knock sensor. Has anyone experienced this? I did not know the knock sensor would affect the shifting of the vehicle?


An update:

This past weekend, I changed out the knock sensors and the wiring harness and the check engine light cleared and seems to be working normal again. The total job took me and my son about 4 hours but almost one hour of that was removing a intake manifold bracket bolt that is against the firewall. Why someone would put a bolt there is beyond me but it is very ahrd to get to. Also anyone that is having this done and is getting close to a spark plug change should have this done also as access to the back three plugs is pretty easy now.

Incidentlyafter I pulled the sensors, I checked them and they were fine so it must have been the wiring harness as reported by some of the other members.

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