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Air Conditioner Hissing At Me!


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I just bought a 2000 ES300. Very nice car except- when the A/C is on there is a soft hissing sound occuring about once per minute lasting for appx. 10 seconds. I assume it is occuring as the unit is shuttling in and out of cooling mode and sounds like air / refrigerant being released somewhere in the system. In a fairly quiet car like this it is quite noticable. Before I have a dealer tell me it is working as designed, I thought I would see if anyone else experiences this.


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The noise is the expansion valve, normal noise.

Thanks...that's what I suspected.

I have the same problem on my car. I'm certain it is not a belt issue because it still happened even after having the timing and serpentine belts replaced. This is the only car that I've ever seen that in.

Seems to be normal on that year/model. Thank you for confirming.

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