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Blueish White Smoke From The Exhaust Pipe


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I just bought a certified pre owned '04 RX330 last month. It has 34K miles on it. I just noticed lately that when I start the car after being park for a couple of hours, a blueish white smoke comes out from the exhaust when starting the engine.

Any ideas what wrong with it? Please advise!


Bru -Silver Rx330 '04

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I have always assumed that bluish smoke on start-up was engine oil. White smoke is antifreeze or moisture in the exhaust. On a Lexus with 34K on it, I am surprised that you have any smoke. Regardless, the car is still under warranty. Check it out.


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The first thing that comes to mind is the previous owner wasn't careful about changing the engine oil all that frequently.

I hope I'm wrong. Take it to the dealer.

Are there records of previous oil changes with the manuals they provided you? There should be stamps in the supplemental guide if oil changes were done at the dealer.

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