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Gs300 Engine Stall

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I have a 1994 GS300 and it had run for years and had never given me any problem until last week. Last Friday, the engine suddenly stalled after driving the car about 200 feet off my garage in the morning. When I tried to start the car again, the engine did not start. After many tries, I decided to drive my another car to work and left the car on the road side. I tried to restart the engine after returning from work and the engine still not started. I gave up and pushed the car to a better position on the street. Before leaving the car, I tried one more time and the engine suddenly started. I drove the car for miles without problem. Because of this incident. I have checked the battery, clean the battery connectors, and switched my car key with my wife's key.

I have not used the car since last Friday and drove the car to a bookstore last night. Hour late, I returned from the bookstore and the engine stalled after driving my car about 200 feet away from the bookstore. However, this time, I was able to restart the car and drove home.

Right now, I am affraid to use my car before fixing this problem. I suspect that fuel was shut off because I could only drive the car about 200 feet when the engine stalled.

Have anyone ever see such a problem from GS300? I tried to figure out the what cause the engine stalling before taking the car to the local dealer. Where is the fuel pump relay located? Someone was mentioning that wrong singal from the control might shut down the fuel pump. I will appreciate any input regarding this type of problem.



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check you cat converter, I have a 93 and the car started up fine one morning and died about 2 mile from my house. Come to find out that the left cat was clogged robbing the engine/battery of power.


Thanks! I went to the local shop and was told the it could be mulfunction of shaft position sensor. The replace it for $260. Is it reasonable charge for this type of job? I will keep you post whether the problem has been fixed or not.


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