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I'm thinking about buying a 2001 LS430. The owner isn't sure whether the vehicle has the ultra lux package, although it does have the Mark Levinson stereo and the navigation and heated seats, three of the items in the ultra.

Is there a place I can go on the internet where I can type the VIN and have it tell me the original equipment on that particular LS430?

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I have never heard of an Internet site that can provide this information but a "trim level" code may be in position 8 of the VIN. A Lexus dealer may be able to tell you if there is a trim code for the Ultra in the VIN.

I would tend to be very suspicious of an owner is says that he can not tell if his LS430 has the Ultra package. An Ultra can be easily identified by the cooler box behind the rear arm rest, the A/C and radio controls in the rear armrest, the rear reclining seat and the much smaller trunk.

Is it a used car dealer who is telling you this? An original owner would have dropped an additional $10,000 for the Ultra package and I would think that he would remember if he did. It sounds like the seller is "playing dumb".

LS430 Ultras must be quite rare. I tend to check out LS430s when I walk past them and I think I have seen only one Ultra out all the LS430s I've seen.

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