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I have a relatively new 2006 IS 250 (6 months old) that was rearended this morning and has suffered some minor bumper damage. I'm not sure if there is a whole lot of structural damage to the entire bumper itslef, but there are a few hairline cracks and the area of impact seems to be a tiny bit indented (2 mm) with some small marks from the impacting vehicles license plate cover as well.

What I'm wondering is does this situation require that the entire bumper be replaced, or is there some sort of bumper cover that can be replaced, or will they have to do some sort of molding and crack repair. Does the Lexus IS 250 have some concept of a bumper cover, where the fiberglass cover sits on top of a shell of "the bumper" and this can be removed and replaced, so the cost (even though I'm not paying for it) and time for repair will be minimal. Excuse me for my ignorance, but that's the best explanation I can come up with.

Though the damage is not much, I'm a little picky about any scratches or damage to my vehicle, and this happened at a traffic light that was red in good weather. I have no idea what the person was thinking.


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My thought is this...

You were rear-ended, so the other guy is 100% at fault.

Find the BEST repair place you can and get anything and everything that needs replacing or repair done right.

The other guy's insurance is paying for it, so get it done 100% completely right.

The shop will remove the bumper cover, inspect for any additional damage and will replace or repair anything that needs attention.

Take special care in inspecting the job once it's complete. :geek:

I don't know the laws in MD, but here in MA, the shop must first attempt to use After-Market parts if available.

This usually leads to body parts not alligning correctly, paint not matching, and jobs being done twice... but I don't make the laws...yet! ;)

Only after they attempt A/M parts and fail do we get factory replacement parts. I know, stupid law does nothing but rake up our insuarnce rates. :censored:

Anyway... when you get it back... inspect everything!

The gaps between body panels, does the paint match, do the exhaust pipes look level and secure, does the trunk lid shut correctly... everything!

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