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Loose Steering And Lack Of Power

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Has anyone noticed the lack of power in trying to pass at 75 mph. Also I notice a loose steering wheel at the same speed. Is this normal for the 2005 es 330?

My 05 ES has enough to pass - more would be nice. It has almost as much power as my daughters Volvo 850 (Turbo 5 banger) and it will turn over the tires at a dead stop without any problems B)

I have not noticed loose steering but this is not a high performance sedan. It has a soft suspention and there is little road feedback through the steering. Car and Driver summed up the 05ES330 with the statement that it was very predictable for a luxury car. My ES is my wife's primary vehicle. When I drive a 4-wheeled vehicle I usually drive my my truck or if I am into a perfomance ride I will take out the 944T.


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