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Low Tire Pressure Warning 2006 Gs300

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I have checked my tire pressures 2 times just to make sure but the low tire pressure warning is not going away. Is there a way to reset it ?

Your dealer should reset it for you for free.

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This may seem crazy but try taking your tire pressures to zero and then refilling.

We had a couple of issues with our OEM tires and the TPMS. In the end, mostly due to worn treads we replaced all four tires. But, earlier this year I had to plug one of the tires that still had a very slow leak in which about a month ago the TPMS alerted us. Even though we had all tires aired up, the light wouldn't go away. So, I ignored the warning as were getting ready to put on some new tires. Afterwards the warning had gone away. So, that makes me wonder if the transmitter needed to be cycled.

Going to the dealer is inconvenient so it may be worth a try.

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