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Need Help Diagnosing A Cylinder Misfire.


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Hello, my car starting running rough and I got a cel. I got the code read as random misfire (did not write down the code numbers). I had washed the engine a day or two before, so I figured it was related. I had not changed plugs or wires in the 2 years that i've owned the car, so I replaced the plugs with no change. (There was signs of corrosion in a few of the spark plug tubes). Then I replaced the wires and that seemed to fix the problem. After a couple of days of driving fine, it starting running rough again, but not as bad as the first time. I got the code read as a misfire in cylinder 4. I have the plugs gapped at around .43, and I rechecked all the wires. Also, I put in new rotors and cleaned up the caps. Has this been a problem for anyone? Any suggestions?

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Hello, I'm not sure why my signature says '95, i'ts a '97. When the code said random misfire I figured it might be a coil or a cap, but when the second code showed just one cylinder misfiring I figured it might be just a wire or a plug. The resistance for the passenger side coil was within spec, the driver side was not as accessible. Anyway, I had the right side cover off in preparation to check for spark at night, but was too tired last night. This morning I took the driver side cover off and the idle smoothed out. I don't know, but maybe one of the wires was arcing with the cover on and stopped when I took it off. I knew it had to be pertaining to the wires because it was working fine for a couple of days after I put them on. Whew! I just barely avoided taking it somewhere.

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Okay, now I know for sure what the problem was. One of the plug wires had a cut in the rubber. I'm guessing it must have gotten cut when I put the cover over the wires. I could hear a clicking sound coming from that area and it was contacting the engine. I taped it up and made sure it was not touching the engine and i'ts good to go.

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