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No Electrical!


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:) Got in the 95 SC400 this morning, turned the key, steering wheel started to adjust to driving position and then I lost all electrical power :angry: . I didn't check the headlights but the dome and all that are gone. Turn the key to the on position and nothing lights ups.

What do you think happened?

It was running great and I had no indications that something was wrong. I'm thinking there is a main circuit breaker or fuse or relay that has gone out. I have the manuals but to save me some time if anyone knows where these items are located please let me know.

All other feedback is appreciated :D .

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Initial testing indicates the starter relay has quit working. I've tested it to the best of my ability. Hooked up a power supply to the switch side and tested for continuity and voltage on the load side. No continuity or voltage on the load side. The reason I question my technique is my power supply only delivers in the milliamp range however I did test it on a different, known good auto relay, and it triggered the relay.

I hate buying electrical parts without knowing for sure because if you get it wrong, there's no returns.

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While waiting for a relay, I just thought I'd see what would happen if bypassed the starter relay.

By the way, I do have some power back. The dome lights function and most likely the head lamps.

As so as my key starts to enter the ingnition switch all power drops to nothing. An I mean "as soon as". I watched and it goes in 1/4" and the power is gone. It resets and comes right back on but I'm wondering now "would a short in the starter cause the relay to go bad?"

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Maybe your lock cylinder is bad.

When you turn the key to start the car, nearly all electrical functions are cut off so all the power goes into starting the car.

If your lock is bad it could be cutting power to everything as soon as you put the key in.

I'm not sure how you would test for that.


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After all this BS it looks like it is the battery. Not sure at this time but I've got it on the charger and after hour or so I'll give it a go.

What makes me think its the battery now is that now that I have some power back I wanted to move the seat back to have a look at the lock cylinder solenoid. As soon as I pushed the button to move the seat back, all power dropped out.

My battery is new and it shouldn't go dead overnight with just a dome light on though. I'll have to check into it.

I'll keep you posted

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