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Fog Light Problem...

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My fog's on my 2001 ES300 are not working; it all started when i was trying to modify my fog's so it can be on with just the parking lights, but i screwed up and i think i shorted something. I checked the fuses and there ok, i opened the relay and it looks fine (but im not really sure if its bad or i need to replace it), and i changed the bulbs to new ones... but still NOTHING?!?!?!

i need help... please tell me what could have went wrong, what i need to do, and how much will it cost me? thanks

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i checked the relay... there is no current coming in to it.

how did u do the mod did u snip a wire or add extensions to it?

turn every thing back to stock and then see if it works, also make sure the switch is on.

i was doing extensions, i think i might have touched to wires and shorted out something... i have changed the relay and got it checked with a voltimeter and thr is no current coming it, so im pretty sure its the switch

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Just to make sure you are testing it with the headlights on as well right? There is no power to the foglights/relay without them on.

yes... i tested it with the headlights on and thr is no powering coming from the switch, i tried to direct wire it without the relay/bypassing the switch, the fogs came on, but the wire started to become hot.

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