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Rx300 Sludge...for Those Who Have Experienced This...


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Well, it's my turn. I have a question for those who have gone through this before. Everything I have read about this problem seems to point that Toyota will stand behind their "Oil Gel Program" and do what is right to fix the problem.

My question is...did you have to put out any money to have the problem checked in the first place from your dealer? My dealer is telling me that I will most likely have to "share" in the cost of the initial diagnoses of determining if I have a sludge problem or not.

Did anyone else run across this?

Any other advice will be appreciated.

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I told our service manager that I expected Lexus Corporate to perform the sludge inspection at no cost to me. She agreed. Inspection took place shortly afterwards and no problem was found at that time.

Be professional but firm and let your dealership know that you expect Lexus to perform the inspection at no cost to you because this is, after all, a known issue. Good luck to you.

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