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California Emissions


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I hoping someone can answer this question. I have a used '97 ES300 that needs a new y-pipe, which includes the catalytic converter. I live in CT, the car was originally bought in Boston. Based on the VIN number, Lexus informed me that my car has California emissions. There are two different y-pipe configurations for this car, depending on if you have CA emissions or federal emissions. I'm finding it very difficult to find an aftermarket pipe for this car. Walker doesn't sell one, though the lesser know brands do provide one.

Question: What is the main difference between these two pipes? Are they interchangeable or not?



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I just went to the LEXUs of Plano TEXAS site and the part I think you want is listed, yes there is a California version and Federal version. The good news is that the California version is cheaper. $870 is their price, with free shipping. Hope this helps, by the way it is called the front pipe (I hope) You might call Plano and verify if this is the part you need.

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