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What Do You Use To Vacuum The Interior

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I have a mini sized Shop Vac that I use for the car, and I love it. My dog rides in the car all the time, and she sheds like crazy, but the Shop Vac removes all of the hair with great ease.

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I am looking for some Ideas of what to use to vacuum the interior of my IS350, anything compact out there that you guys would recommend? thank you.

Just a mini canister vac is what I use for the interior (from Walmart). Shop Vac for the trunk (hose is too unweildy for the interior). I'd love to purchase one of those high suction detailing vacs with all the attachments, but I suspect my wife would not agree that it is a necessary investment. (Something like the Metro Vac-n-blow runs about $200, though I came close to buying it with the current sale at Autogeek.net http://www.autogeek.net/vacnbloporva.html)

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I use a 6hp shop-vac. Don't mind the unwieldly hose--the power is worth it.

I can't think of a hand-held vac I would recommend, due to the pitiful power on those little suckers. And definitely not a cordless vac.

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