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Samsung T509s


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I am posting this item before anyone may need it. I want to help people avoid the frustration I had until I figured out how to make my new phone with with the GX470.

According to the Lexus/LetsTalk website, the Samsung T-509 is fully compatible with the GX's hands-free system. So, I bought the phone from a T-Mobile store (I was already under contract so I couldn't go through Letstalk.com).

I paired the device to the car, but it wouldn't complete dialing out when I would use the Nav Screen to dial. Only the audio would work, and only if I used the phone's keypad.

What the instructions on the Lexus/Letstalk website don't tell you, is that you must first disable the "myFaves" feature from the phone's menu. After you do this, it works like a charm. I am not really sure how I figured this out, but I wanted to prevent a headache for anyone out there that is trying to use T-Mobile's new myFaves-enhanced phones.

By the way, this Samsung model allows you to transfer ALL your contacts to the car's hands-free system at once, not just one at a time! Love it!

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