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Es330 W/nav Stereo Problem


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I have got a very wierd problem, and wondered if anyone else had experienced it.

A couple weeks ago, when I started my car, the radio wouldn't turn on. It does power on and I can set the station, but no sound comes out, and the volume control doesn't work. And if I go into the Audio->Sound menu, it doesn't allow any of the settings there to be changed. It seems like it doesn't know that it has any speakers.

The navigation voice still works, but no other sound, including the "beep" when you press buttons.

It intermittently will just start working, but I haven't been able to determine what causes it to start or stop working. Any ideas?

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You're still under warranty I assume?

I'd just take it to the dealer and let them worry about it.

Unfortunately, no... 55K miles.. warranty expired about 6 months ago.

-- Eric

I'd still take it in, Lexus has a way of servicing people out of warranty especially when its only 5k.

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