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Power Steering Leak - 97 Es300


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97 ES300


I've just returned from the local Toyota dealer who works on my 97 ES300 for a review of my small 'nickel-sized' per day power steering drip-leak. He's indicating that it'll cost $900-ish to repair 'properly' but, since he's a friend of mine he commented that it might be beneficial to look into an aftermarket 'leak-stop' solution at an AutoZone/PepBoys etc. place. He still emphasized that to do it properly would be best.

Is this common for a 148K ES300?

Has anyone any experience with this approach of a solution to stop leaks in the power steering area of an ES300?

Also, any aftermarket, non-Lexus/non-Toyota solutions?

Also, salvage/junk yard solutions here?

Other ideas appreciated!

What's the risk involved here in doing this with a 'stop-leak' vs the 'proper' way? $900 = ouch!



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Wow, my local Toyo dealer quoted me about $350-400 to do the job. However, they told me that at my 90k mile maintenance session (now have 111,000). They told me it was "seeping" so I'd still be okay. So far, so good, no major leaks. I think $900 is a bit steep to fix the PS pump (if that's all it is).

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According to the dealership's response: "Steering rack is leaking slightly"

The leak just started about 4 weeks ago and it drips about an amount equal to the size of the US nickel on the garage floor. I've been under the car and there's some 'blow-back' from around the transmission area to the metal supports under the driver's seat. Hence, it appears that the leak gets worse when the steering fluid's temperature increases. I think I was told that the temp gets to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

FWIW, I drive about 15-17K a year but in the past several months except for about 3 150-mile local round trips and one trip of 400 miles total, everything has been to/from the office at 10mi/direction.

At $350-ish, I'd probably do something to correct it but at $900 it would seem to be about 1/6th the value of the vehicle even with it being in 'good' shape.

Maybe I should come to 'chadmg7' location? :-)

Midwest or south or ...?

ALL ideas appreciated!!


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