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Bank 2 Sensor 2 Issue


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I'm getting a light in the dash that says something is wrong with the engine. the code that comes up says the bank 2 sensor 2 needs to be replaced. MY brother had one of his clients fix the issue, and he actually purchased the bank 2 sensor 2 part.

The light never went away. I finally decided to take it to the dealer, and see what they came up with.

they came back and said the bank 2 sensor 2 needs to be replaced, despite me saying it was already replacced.

I'm really confussed, because this part isn't cheap and I dont know weather the dealer is BSing me, or the client that did the work didnt do a good job, or the client didnt know how to reset the system so the light would go off.

any help?

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find out which sensor he replaced. I am guessing he didn't replace Bank 2 Sensor 2. He had 4 to choose from. Sensor 2 is always the one AFTER the cat. Make sure the new one is connected properly.


Well Steviej, we had a look at the car, found out that the bank 2 sensor 2 was replaced, but it was not put properly. You could pull the sensor how by hand !!! So we tighten it up real good. THe engine light went away. FOr a day things were great, then the engine like went back on! I decided to disconnect the battery to reset the system, that worked but after 3 hours the engine light came back on.

DO you know how to reset the system? Or could there be another issue?

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