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Whoo Hoo! Vibration Gone!


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Thank you all for your dedication! jzz30, it was just as you said it would be. The transmission mount was bad. It still shifts a little hard into 3rd, but it definitely idles and revs much more smoothly! Like glass. This was obviously causing the jingling sound heard under the cup holder and the clicking sound from 25 to 35 mph. Cost was 205 dollars with a new filter and fluid change at a local tranny shop. Very satisfied!

Only thing I need to figure out now is this darn radio! I'm going to most likely install a carputer with a 7" screen and tiny xp as the os where the radio is and hopefully use the factory amps and speakers for sound. It's a pioneer system. Does anyone know the details on this system? Has anyone else ever tried to use the amps with a non-factory head unit? Does the amp accept low level inputs or high level inputs? What complications do I face? Thanks!

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