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Best Gas Mileage?

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alrigh i'm new to the site and this will probably sound retarded to the rest of you, but...

there are a few options on my 1996 sc 400 that i'm wondering what EXACTLY do they do and how are they effecting my performance and fuel economy

#1 - the overdrive button on the shifter, what does it do and leaving it on or off which will save me gas

#2 - the power and normal switch to the left of the shifter, yet again same question

and i will definately think of some more things later lol, oh and i was looking at buying an exhaust, i was looking for a deep throaty sound, does anyone know of where i can get one for the sc 400, i dont know if exhaust systems are unique to cars or universal but i wanted something with a throatier deep sound instead of the sound a ricer civic makes


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Since its a v8, the milage will never be great, but you could do a couple of things to ensure you get the best possible. Change plugs/wires/distributor caps, use premium gasoline, have engine codes scanned to ensure no electronics are acting up (ie, oxygen sensor), install clean air filter, check catalytic converters to ensure getting proper exhaust flow, do compression check when changing plugs (I think I recall that the minimum psi should be around 150 or 160 to maintain proper performance, but don't quote me), and do more interstate driving versus off roads.

1. The overdrive switch is to force the car into 3rd gear thereby running at a higher rpm which leads to more fuel consumption. Overdrive should be left on for optimum efficiency.

2. The Power switch (says ECT, electronically controlled transmission) changes shift points to a higher rpm setting (stay in lower gears for longer) which leads to higher fuel consumption as well. Leave it on normal for optimum efficiency.

Both numbers 1 and 2 are in the manual. The manual actually addresses the issue you talk of (better fuel efficiency).

Welcome to the club and I'm sure you will find a lot of information just as I have. at the bottom there is a search function you can use to search any topic you wish. There is a wealth of info in the forum only a mouse click away.

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